CM464UM (1825-2130Mhz) MODCO CM464UM CM464UM (1825-2130Mhz) 8.99EUR Buy Now
RM5V2307 Unknown RM5V2307 RM5V2307 6.99EUR Buy Now
ROS-2180HP-1+ (2000-2750Mhz) Mini-circuits ROS-2180HP-1 ROS-2180HP-1+ (2000-2750Mhz) 7.99EUR Buy Now
ROS-3000-6+ (2000-3000Mhz) Mini-circuits ROS-3000-6+ ROS-3000-6+ (2000-3000Mhz) 7.99EUR Buy Now
ROS-3146-1+ (2900-3200Mhz) Mini-circuits ROS-3146-1+ ROS-3146-1+ (2900-3200Mhz) 7.99EUR Buy Now
UMX-310-3-D16 (2200-2500Mhz) UMC UMX-310-3-D1 UMX-310-3-D16 (2200-2500Mhz) 7.99EUR Buy Now
UMZ-1263-D16-OPT110 UMC UMZ-1263-D16 UMZ-1263-D16-OPT110 7.99EUR Buy Now
UMZ-1348-D16 UMC UMZ-1348-D16 UMZ-1348-D16 7.99EUR Buy Now
UMZ-1650-3-A16 (1600-1700Mhz) UMC UMZ-1650-3-A UMZ-1650-3-A16 (1600-1700Mhz) 7.99EUR Buy Now
V585ME35 (900-1750Mhz) ZCOMM V585ME35 V585ME35 (900-1750Mhz) 9.99EUR Buy Now
V585ME48 (900-2150Mhz) ZCOMM V585ME48 V585ME48 (900-2150Mhz) 9.99EUR Buy Now
V626ME03 (2050-2650Mhz) ZCOMM V626ME03 V626ME03 (2050-2650Mhz) 8.99EUR Buy Now

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